Manage Digital Assets, Metadata, and Rights

Manage tens of thousands of music catalog, including full metadata and complex distribution rights, using our powerful digital system

Efficient and Fast Distribution and Update

Distribute and update hundreds of digital assets in minutes using our powerful servers and highly robust automation procedures, achieving the fastest distribution speed of its kind in the world

Professional and Automated Tools

Complete metadata review and proofreading, automatic assignment of ISRC and UPC, automatic conversion of audio formats, etc., using professional and automated tools

Expert Team

A professional team with full experience, combined with manual review and machine review, ensures the completeness, clarity and compliance of digital assets

Detailed Income Report

Retain the original data form, provide detailed royalty reports, and provide key indicator analysis, so that you can understand the value of digital assets at a glance

Plentiful Daily Data

Provide plentiful daily data, monitor daily data changes from multiple dimensions and angles, gain market insight and trends